• Dropshipping from China: What Products to Buy

    It is a trend that not only big buyers, but small business buyers (such as retailers, Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, small businesses owners) are starting to directly buy for Chinese factories. The benefit of drop shipping is that you dont h […]

  • Try to Avoid Common Tourist Scams in China

    Nothing gets me more steamed than being taken for a sucker. And although the Chinese on the whole are honest, hard-working people, youre bound to have some bad apples in a country with such a huge (and still mostly poor) population. For som […]

  • Minimize Risks when Import Products from China

    Many buyers are still guarded about buying from China which is understandable, since many of the countrys business practices lag behind those in more developed nations. However, your risks can be minimized by working only with qualified, ab […]

  • Hard Buy in China

    Some people are planning to import something from China to start their small business, and, they assume itd be a lot easier and cheaper to buy directly from Chinese manufactories and skip other middle steps. But after several rounds of cont […]

  • Tips For Importing For The First Time

    If you are looking for great profit margins it can be hard to beat importing your goods from China. Wholesalers and retailers generally are aware of the benefits of sourcing products from overseas and understand that with a Chinese product […]

  • Keen Sourcing visit Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair &

    Keen Sourcing Services Project Team visit Hong Kong Electronics Fair during Apr 13 -Apr 16. We take the chance to get connect to more suppliers and catch on the industry trends. Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), […]

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