Custom Logo, Private Label & Personalized Packaging Solutions

We can print logos and custom packaging for your products to differentiate them from competitors’ products. In addition, products printed with your company logo, monogram, and slogan will be great company gifts/promotional gifts.

Our design team can provide you with a variety of private label solutions at very good prices.

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Put Your Logo On Custom Products

There are many private label methods. Our design team can provide you with suitable logo making solutions according to product material, Product usage scenarios, project budget and purchasing quantity.

Keen Sourcing ensures product quality and controls production costs. The savvy private label seller will build strong brand equity with consumers, advertise effectively, and establish a profitable pricing model.

print custom logo on products

Private label models exist in many product categories, both online and in-store.

  • LED lights: The online marketplace is filled with private label LED lights, each with a slightly different design.
  • Mobile phone accessories: Third-party accessories (chargers, protective cases, etc.) are good private label products and are very popular.
  • Apparel: Many online clothing retailers use private label clothing manufacturers to produce their shirts, dresses, yoga pants, skirts, socks, shoes, handbags, and more. Keen Sourcing can help you print custom designs on garments. We can also provide custom tailoring and leather processing services.
  • Drinkware: Stainless steel water bottles / tumblers / cups / jugs / flasks are becoming more and more popular in the e-commerce market. Custom logo drinkware is also great business gifts and promotional gifts.
  • Personal care products: Many personal care products, from facial brushes to mirrors, come from manufacturers that serve private label sellers.
  • Plastic, silicon, rubber products
  • Products made of these materials
  • Products made of hard solid materials

Custom Package For Your Branded Items

Brands all over the world are moving from blank packaging to custom packaging. Custom packaging can get brand recognition. Working with Keen Sourcing can be a quick, easy and cost-effective upgrade to custom packaging that enhances your brand.
Keen Sourcing is leading the revolution from boring blank packaging to custom packaging, allowing your brand to travel in style while gaining attention. Branding your boxes with custom packaging is cost effective.

Mailer Boxes

A versatile custom mailer that is stylish, sturdy and ready to mail. It looks great in any color and is suitable for retail gift boxes, subscription boxes and e-commerce packaging.

custom mailer boxes

Product Boxes

Customized unique product packaging for any type of retail. The boxes are lightweight, easy to customize and come with beautiful vibrant digital printing. Whether stored on the shelf or sold online, our customized gift box/color box will increase your sales and brand value.

custom gift boxes


Our custom tubes are excellent for artwork, socks, dry goods and small accessories. It’s a unique way to package your goods.

custom tube packaging


Custom printed / Custom logo bags for retail, wholesale, events and subscriptions. Made from eco-friendly paper or fabric with multiple sizes and printing options.

custom bag packaging