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Keen Sourcing, Your Reliable Sourcing Agent In China

Keen Sourcing is a leading sourcing agent in China, dedicated to help startups, small business and Amazon sellers to source products from China, to ensure the best quality, regulatory complied and at the lowest cost. Our sourcing services include: product sourcing, price negotiation, supplier verification, factory audit, production monitoring, lab testing, order follow-up, quality control, quality inspection, logistics support etc. We provide complete service for Amazon Sellers, including customized packaging, Amazon label, FBA Shipping, etc. We are well experienced in China manufacturing and familiar wit…


Sourcing Services

Keen Sourcing focus on delivering sustainable value. We understand the challenges involved and work in partnership to address the risks and deliver results to bottom line. Keen Sourcing provides 2 types of service for your choosing. One is Product Sourcing Service . Its a turnkey service inclusive of sourcing, quality control, order follow-up, ship…

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing conducted by Keen Sourcing delivers you sustainable value on your procurement from China. Sourcing directly from suppliers is an opportunity for sustainable procurement savings and competitive advantage. Working with Keen Sourcing, you’ll always purchase directly from manufacturers side. No middlemen. Keen Sourcing has rich experiences in sourcing consumer goods(water bottles, tumbler, yoga mats, houseware, drinkware, outdoor and sports products, fitness equipment) and new product development.


Factory Audit
Factory Audit is the best way to evaluate your potential supplier’s reliability and capabilities – …

Lab Testing
Keen Sourcing provides lab testing services such as ETL, UL, CE, Prop65/CA65 etc for consumer goods….

Quality Inspection
Keen Sourcing provides four types of quality inspection services are usually distinguished. Each one …

Complete Sourcing Service for Amazon FBA Seller
If you are Amazon seller, we will make the entire process simpler for you. Keen Sourcing has establis…

We Help You Import Quality Products From China

Cooperation Process

Step 1: Submit Inquiry

Submit your inquiry by telling us what you want to import from China. Our Sourcing Project Manager ( the assigned Sourcing Agent) will email you within 24 hours to start sourcing project.

Step 2: Collect Quotations

Our Souring Project Manager will source reliable manufacturers and send you quotes within 2 working days. Then our Sourcing Project Manager will assist you to order samples to check quality.

Step 3: Place Order

Confirm with the Sourcing Project Manager for all details on product requirement and pricing before bulk order. Our Sourcing Project Manager coordinates with manufacturers, follows up orders, and ensures on time delivery.

Step 4: Quality Control

Our Quality Control team will closely monitoring the manufacturing process, inspect the first article and will conduct pre-shipping inspection to ensure good quality.

Step 5: Shipping and Custom Clearance

We help you to arrange courier/sea/air/railway/truck shipping and transport the products to any destination you required.

Products We Source

We have a team of experienced and energetic sourcing agents, engineers, designers, quality control veterans, industry experts, dedicated to helping build and scale innovative consumer products. Keen Sourcing has worked with 300+ startups to design, engineer, manufacture their products.


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