How to find a reliable wholesale tumblers supplier? How to sell your tumblers? What do you need to know about wholesale tumblers business? It is possible that you may have encountered these three puzzles and thus need a tumbler industry giant to reveal the answers. In this article we will share with you the best wholesale tumblers suppliers in three countries, namely, China, the United States and Australia, and elaborate on the above questions in turn. Just follow us and keep reading!

1. Why Wholesale Tumblers?

 Why wholesale tumblers? Is the tumblers market profitable? According to an authoritative report, the global tumblers market is expected to soar up from 2021 to 2026. And Lucintel, a prominent global management consulting and market research corporation, has forecasted that the most striking increase will be seen in tumblers with lid and stainless steel tumblers.

The increasing popularity of tumblers with lid mainly owes to the evolution of vacuum insulation technology as well as the advanced coating technique. TMR (Transparency Market Research) reported that tumblers with lid would reach a revenue of $2.5 billion in 2023, and from 2019 to 2025, its CAGR (compound annual growth rate) would maintain an astounding level of 6.8%.

Stainless steel tumblers are, in the meantime, gaining rising positions in the tumbler segments. Again, according to TMR, stainless steel tumbler sales produced a revenue of $730 million in 2018, and an increased CAGR of 5.8% is expected to yield in stainless steel tumblers by 2025.

For one thing, stainless steel tumblers feature outstanding heat retaining properties, remarkable durability and agreeable portability. For another, the outer factors such as soaring demand in both indoor and outdoor activities boost the stainless steel tumblers market and make them viable products. In addition, another demand for such drinkware gears is driven by the custom market. People are now in favor of customizable gifts and stainless steel tumblers indeed offer them an ideal option. They are eco-friendly and can serve as a perfect replacement for their plastic counterparts on the market.

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II. The Best Wholesale Tumblers Supplier in China

KingStar Industries Company Limited

You will find a bulk of tumblers of varied kinds with agreeable prices in KingStar. In fact, KingStar has also expanded its business producing stainless steel water bottles, travel mugs, can coolers, beer growlers, food containers and so on. This professional tumbler manufacturer has been offering assistance to retailers and dropshippers for decades.

If you visit KingStar’s industries in China in the flesh, you would be satisfied by the large employee size, big workshops, complete and advanced manufacturing equipment and top-ranking production management. These crucial factors together back the reliable supply of tumblers and continuous growth of the company itself.

KingStar offers every customer OEM/ODM services and manufacture drinkware products precisely according to their custom requirements including custom lid, shape, color, logo and packing. Every single product of this company has to pass through a series of strict QC (quality control) procedures before being packed and then shipped. As a result, the personalized services and the high quality of KingStar’s tumblers help to win loyalty and trust from buyers.


  • All procedures from raw stainless steel material to manufacturing, coating, testing, shipping and after-sales service are under strict control with professional quality management system.

Here in KingStar, the high quality of tumblers is never a problem. If customers seek for several samples for further reassurance, KingStar stands ready to offer them free samples!

  • Strong R&D team with 38 experienced engineers for shaping, cutting, necking, stamping, injection, powder coating, painting, vacuum testing etc;

The professional R&D team supports KingStar to explore much more possibilities. And when it comes to custom options, this team is capable of establishing sound communication with customers and meeting their requirements.

  • KingStar’s BPA-free tumblers of premium quality can be customized with logo, text, or monogram in bulk, available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.
  • A kaleidoscope of tumbler options ensures that customers will find the one that appeals to them.
KingStar wholesale tumblers

Keen Sourcing

Keen Sourcing is mainly engaged in the sourcing service of drinkware. It is the entrance for oversea buyers to access the resources of Chinese manufacturers. Every year, Keen Sourcing purchases more than 10 million tumblers and vacuum flasks for buyers in the United States, Europe, and Europe.

As the best sourcing company in China, Keen Sourcing has in-depth cooperation with more than 300 drinking glass factories in China, and understands the advantages of each drinkware manufacturer. Keen Sourcing’s QC team ensures that every tumbler you purchase is of high quality.

III. Top Wholesale Tumblers Suppliers in the United States

  1. Save A Cup

Save A Cup is an American drinkware supplier that offers high-end tumblers, water bottles and mugs to customers across the world. This company specializes in manufacturing custom tumblers and is famous for a spectrum of eye-catching tumbler collections. In addition, the high quality and the extraordinary durability of the company’s tumblers dwarf many other products on the market.


  • Extraordinary and unique design: Save A Cup offers customers exquisite and extremely popular tumbler collections such as Nightshade Collection and Magic Mist Collection.
  • High-end custom services: Save A Cup is backed by a group of professional researchers that are in charge of presenting high-end custom services. Just as the company introduces itself, “our products are made to stand out.”
  • Incredible durability: Save A Cup’s tumblers, water bottles and mugs are made to last. They are environmentally friendly and are 100% BPA free.


  • This company’s drinkware products are sold at a comparatively high price.
  1. Bulk Tumblers

Bulk Tumblers, as its name has told you, is a drinkware company that specializes in making vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers. This company is a family business that is based in Kansas. Bulk Tumblers also provides customers with custom tumblers of premium quality.

Compared with other American tumblers suppliers, Bulk Tumblers supports fund-raising selling, a rarely seen selling method in the tumbler industry, which can be regarded as a unique feature.


  • Free rates when orders are over $125.
  • Complete custom surface processing methods such as laser engraving and embossing.


  • Compared to most of the American tumblers suppliers, Bulk Tumblers sells its products at a higher price.
  • The capacity options of this company’s tumblers are not so adequate. They only offer custom tumblers of 12 oz, 20 oz and 30 oz.

IV. Top Wholesale Tumblers Suppliers in Australia

  1. TJ Blanks Australia

TJ Blanks Australia is not only a tumblers supplier, but also a supplier of high-end nightclothes. This company sells nigh shirts, robes, long satin sets and so on. In addition, drinkware such as water bottles and stainless steel tumblers is also sold by this company.


  • Comparatively cheap and affordable prices for TJ Blanks’ stainless steel tumblers.
  • Optimal quality together with appealing appearance wins customers across the world.


  • Currently, about 3/4 of TJ Blanks’ drinkware is out of stock and this company procrastinates when this situation happens.
  • Because this company has a wide business coverage and the drinkware is only a small part of it, people may reasonably think that TJ Blanks Australia may not be expert at manufacturing quality tumblers.
  1. Crafty Blanks

Crafty Blanks, like TJ Blanks Australia, not only sells drinkware, but also promotes other goods such as key rings, bags, faux leathers, wooden and LED. The tumblers sold by this company are characterized by beautiful and elegant appearance, incredible durability and versatile applications.

So what makes it unique and perfect? In fact, Crafty Blanks are known for its professional and artistic custom techniques. This company offer customers custom tumblers decorated with glitter, which really makes a hit.


  • The tumblers sold by Crafty Blanks are stylish and of high quality.
  • Free shipping when the order is over $50.
  • Strict quality control is applied and the advanced management system has been built.


  • The type and volume of Crafty Blanks’ tumblers are quite limited.
  • The high prices are not competitive.
  • Some types of Crafty Blanks’ tumblers are not so durable and the custom glitter may peel off with time going by.

V. How to Find Reliable Wholesale Tumblers Suppliers?

Many newcomers may have trouble finding a reliable and trustworthy wholesale tumblers supplier. Some of them may blindly follow their counterparts’ choices and some may spend a great deal of time on picking up a qualified supplier. It is undeniable that “a reliable supplier is half done”, so how to find such a vendor? Here we shares with you the following five practical tips.

  1. Attend Trade Affairs

Trade affairs can offer you a perfect opportunity to meet tumblers suppliers who you may want to cooperate with. This is an effective approach to establish potential business cooperation. Besides, you may even encounter partners holding the same aspiration and thus expand your team!

If you fortunately find some nice and appealing tumblers on the spot, you can directly exchange business cards with their owners for future cooperation, or just request samples face to face.

If you think that you have found a reliable and trustworthy wholesale tumblers vendor, take the opportunity to establish a long-term business relationship with him or her, which actually paves the way for your successful dealings.

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2. Use Search Engines

Search engines such as Google are home to various websites on which you can find wholesale tumblers suppliers. You can type more key words such as “wholesale drinkware coffee wine tumblers suppliers distributors vendors” in Google’s search window so as to narrow down the corresponding search results. If you have found favored wholesale suppliers, browse their web pages to look for the Contact Us button and check out their residential countries.

3. Find Businesses Exiting the Line

This tip really helps a lot especially when you are confronting with financial constraints. When you are hit by capital shortage, you are supposed to cut down expenses on goods. And since you can not reduce the cost of manufacturing, it would be best for you to purchase tumblers from other dealers with comparatively low prices.

Businesses exiting the tumblers line would exert every effort to get rid of their stock. In other words, they would sell their tumblers at wholesale prices or even at clearance prices. However, it must be noted that you have to check out the quality of their products before buying them in bulk in case of bad conditions of the stock. And you may also keep an eye on the reasons why they choose to quit the tumblers business.

4. Purchase from Large International Companies

If you fail to establish a long-term cooperation with tumbler suppliers for some other reasons, you can temporarily purchase tumblers from large international companies who sell drinkware products at agreeable prices. However, the sole shortcoming of buying tumblers from large international companies is that you have to wait the arrival of goods for a long time. Therefore, if you are in urgent need of tumblers supplies, you are supposed to adopt other means.

5. Purchase a Wholesale Suppliers List

The fastest and most efficient way to obtain contact information of wholesale tumblers suppliers is to purchase a contact list from other experienced tumblers companies. In order to guarantee the normal operation of their tumblers businesses, these companies with seniority will compile lists of wholesale tumblers suppliers. Well, it may take you a barrel of money to make such a purchase, and some companies would be reluctant to sell their home-made lists in case of intensifying competition on the tumblers market.

6. Use Sourcing Agent / Sourcing Company

Sourcing company know more about the tumbler industry and can get you the reliable manufacturer and good pricing.

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VI. How to Choose the Best Wholesale Tumblers Supplier?

We fully knows the significance of picking up the best wholesale tumblers supplier and will share the knowledge about how to choose the best one. So when it comes to the best wholesale tumblers distributor, you should take into consideration the following four factors.

  1. Reliability

The reliable shipping of your goods is an indispensable factor of a successful tumblers business. If your goods can not arrive in time, the overall sells plan would be disrupted or even ruined, resulting in huge losses. What’s worse, your potential customers may look down upon your business as you leave them a bad reputation.

In addition, the reliable quality of tumblers should also be given sufficient attentions. If it is an inferior tumbler, no one will take a single glance at it!

  1. Price

The ultimate goal of selling tumblers is to earn some big money, right? You should find wholesale tumblers suppliers who are capable of offering you goods with the most agreeable prices. The following five factors will to some extent affect the price and you should know them well.

  • Cost of raw materials
  • Manufacturing cycle
  • Order volume
  • Shipping distances
  • Currency exchange rates

So you can see clearly that the order volume is not the sole factor that will affect the final price of tumblers. You should take a comprehensive consideration before making decisions so as to obtain the largest profit margins.

  1. Customer Service

If you work with a wholesale tumblers supplier, you then become his or her customer. So from the perspective of a customer, you must be fully aware of the customer services offered by your chosen tumblers distributors. We suggests you to ask yourself three questions before making your final decision:

  • Is it possible to visit the real manufacturing conditions in the fresh?
  • Is there a support number or a live chat available at any time?
  • Can I get considerate after-sales services?

Only after you have answered these three questions can you move on to cooperating with the wholesale supplier.

  1. Product Offerings

The last factor you have to ponder is the product offerings. If you think that their products are promising and profitable, then it would be perfect for you to work with wholesale vendors. But if their tumblers are old-fashioned and can not spark your interest, you are supposed to take a second thought.

Keen Sourcing advises you to examine the overall catalog of suppliers’ products and discuss in detail the inventory and other issues with them.

VII. How to Make Your Wholesale Tumblers Stand Out

Now suppose you have a trustworthy wholesale tumblers supplier, you should consider selling tumblers by yourself. In front of you is both a potentially aggressive market and a competitive one, so if you can not let your tumblers stand out, you will find it difficult making some big money.

Here Keen Sourcing introduces to you several practical marketing strategies to help you sell tumblers smoothly and successfully.

  1. Improve and update the functionality.

The tumbler market is marching, so does the functionality of tumblers. If you fail to find ways to improve and update the functions of tumblers, you can not make your business considerably lucrative.

Just as the old saying goes, “you either forge ahead or drift downstream.” A few years ago tumbler manufacturers invented double-walled stainless steel tumblers, which soon hit the market and became trendy. However, nowadays such a tumbler can not be more ordinary. If you can add some new functions that are closely related to daily use, you will usher in a new era! Keen Sourcing suggests you to make much more researches striving to update tumblers.

  1. Devise fancy designs.

A colorful and fancy tumbler is always favored by the public. You are supposed to make full use of your wholesale suppliers’ designer team who will present you exquisite patterns, graphics and color options. During this process, you can ask suppliers to offer you printings of high resolution and splendid colors.

Why you need to devise fancy designs? Because the majority of the tumbler buyers is of the youth group, and they are prone to artsy and fancy designs.

  1. Create appealing packaging.

Tumblers can be a perfect gift suitable for holidays and varied occasions, which means they need to be delicately packed to present appropriate atmospheres. And when it comes to packaging, gift boxes must be mentioned. As the best sourcing agent company in China, Keen Sourcing also advises you to use gift boxes to hold nice tumblers.

  1. Ensure product safety.

It is a must for you to check out and present all the materials used in a tumbler. Besides, some processing methods will also bring forth harmful things such as BPA and you should pay special attention to them. By pointing out the ingredients, customers will feel at ease and avoid allergies or other diseases to some extent.

  1. Attach importance to the feedback.

Customers’ feedback cannot be underestimated as they can provide you with important information such as their using experience, potential issues of the tumbler, and preference for the custom products.

For example, your wholesale supplier gives you two kinds of packaging, say, A and B. You use both packaging to pack tumblers for customers, and after a period of time, you find that A is much more popular than B. When this happens, you should promote packaging A and accordingly reduce the adoption of packaging B to obtain larger profit margins.

Making full use of this strategy can really help your tumblers stand out.

VIII. What Kind of Tumblers Should You Sell?

Tumblers can be classified into many types in terms of different classification rules. You are supposed to take targeted measures to promote some certain types. So what are the best-selling tumblers? Here we shares with you 4 best selling tumblers for your reference.

  1. Insulated tumblers

The vacuum insulated tumbler is undeniably the most popular one among its counterparts in the tumbler family. These tumblers are often made by stainless steel with double-walled structure, presenting agreeable insulation performance and incredible durability. They are suitable for holding both hot liquids and cold drinks.

Not all the insulated tumblers in the market are leak-proof and lightweight, so if you can sell vacuum insulated tumblers of premium quality that feature portability and leak-proof designs, your businesses are expected to be lucrative.

  1. Travel tumblers

Travel tumblers are also welcomed by customers across the word due to their sleek, stylish and splendid appearances.

Travel tumblers, as the name has told you, are applicable for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and barbecues. Unlike tumblers for office use, travel tumblers require ease in pouring & refilling (big opening), anti-leak design, durability and portability. This kind of tumblers are now pursued by outdoor enthusiasts, so you can ask your wholesale suppliers to make tumblers much more “energetic”.

  1. Smart tumblers

As a newcomer in the tumbler family, smart tumblers are gaining increasing popularity. Smart tumblers are often made by double-walled stainless steel and are thus equipped with outstanding insulation performance. Besides, some smart tumblers can even maintain water temperature at a certain level through electrical components.

The reason why such a tumbler is smart is that there is a chip and several sensors built in the smart tumblers. These electrical components can monitor daily hydration, serve as a reminder for drinking, and offer real-time through Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). They can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and upload hydration information to your smart tumbler app on which you can see clearly how much water you have consumed per day. Currently, smart tumblers are pursued by office men and ladies who endeavor to live a healthy drinking life.

  1. Kids’ tumblers

Kids’ sippy tumblers are welcomed by parents and kids themselves. This type of hot selling tumbler actually takes up a critical part of the tumbler market. Because parents are willing to spend a lot of money on kids’ drinkware, you can make full use of parents’ intention to offer them quality sippy tumblers.

Kids’ sippy tumblers are characterized by small volume, strict hygiene control & requirements, portability, durability and anti-leak designs. The portability of kids’ tumblers is realized by two factors, namely, the light weight and the convenient handle. The handle is often designed into the shape that is easy to grip and hold. The anti-leak property of kids’ sippy tumblers is of vital importance as children may wave the tumblers and even throw them at home involuntarily.

It must be noted that kids’ tumblers should be especially made by materials of premium quality to pass corresponding standards. And you can equip every sippy tumbler with replaceable lids and straws for regular replacement. Parents are reluctant to frequently buy new tumblers so your considerate “gifts” will be admired by them.


  1. I want to customize tumblers for sell. What should I do?

 We stands ready to offer you the best service. You do not have to search for another wholesale tumblers suppliers as we are the best! If you want to customize tumblers, you can email us or phone us your requirements and we will work with manufacturer precisely following your requirements. The cutting-edge technology as well as our professional R&D team supports you to advance further!

  1. Where can I find affordable tumblers and how to design them?

 Worry about the price? We are capable of offering you tumblers in bulk with an agreeable price. The more you order, the more discounts we can offer!

 If you can provide us with your design drawing, then we will manufacture tumblers at once following the drawing you present to us. If you just have an idea instead of a complete blueprint, you can discuss with our professional R&D team and we will make it real in the end!

 X. Conclusion

It is reasonably expected that after reading this article full of information, you will become an insider of the tumbler industry. If you really want to make a different by establishing your own tumbler business, why not contact us?