• Guide for Sea Freight Shipping from China

    Sea freight shipping is the most popular shipping method for buyers when shipping from China. However, there are complex issues involved in shipping from China such as the freight related issues and the steep learning curve involved. In thi […]

  • Are You Dealing With Manufacturers? Try 8 Ways To Be Certain

    If you are an importer, you know it already how difficult it is to track a Chinese supplier. More often, there is a confusion prevailing over that. In fact, it is the trading companies that pose as manufacturers and anyone who wants to import […]

  • Tips for Importing from China and Selling On Amazon FBA

    How to get on with Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)? That’s a thundering question these days. Typically, Amazon always sets higher standards for the quality of product sale on its website. The Seller Performance Targets are a live example of that. […]

  • How to Private Label Your Products

    Label is a key feature of products. It helps to market the product, attract the attention of customers, allow customers to tell it apart from other brands. And, it provides product information such as ingredients, instructions, date of manuf […]

  • Complete Guide for Buying Small Quantity from China

    We get numerous inquiries every week about buying small quantity items from China. The more significant part of them dont have much pertinent experience, and merely consider its extremely basic. Be that as it may, it is never that simple. Y […]

  • How to Import Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles from China

    Since Keen Sourcing established in 2006, weve helped many clients import vacuum insulated water bottles/mugs/flask from China. We are getting more and more inquiries about vacuum bottles. According to the investigation, around 86.9% vacuum […]

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