Ollie Bowls is a firm that can offer pet bowls in various sizes and colors and it also allows customers to customize the dog bowl the way they prefer. Its double wall stainless steel material helps make the bowl sturdy. Here we will give some of the basic information about Ollie dog bowls.

What are the Benefits of Ollie Dog Bowl?

Ollie Bowls commits to producing the best products for your pet! Its dog bowls are made of food grade double wall stainless steel which helps make the bowl even more durable. Thanks to the double wall material, the bowl keeps water 20% longer than the average dog bowl. Ollie dog bowls are very easy to clean and a good wash after every use will keep the bowl as good as new. the Ollie bowl has anti-slip silicone base that helps keep the bowl stable when your pet is enjoying food. What’s more, Ollie Bowls allows its customers to engrave anything on the bowl from names to logos and hand-made designs.

What is the Purpose of Ollie Dog Bowl?

Ollie Bowls was created because of the deep love for pets and it is famous for its high-end quality and durable stainless steel pet bowls. This is a company that strives to only make the best products for our best furry friends and offer best customer service!

One of the purposes of Ollie Dog Bowl is to create a safe environment and a clean container for pet to enjoy their food. Using Ollie dog bowls can help your pet form a good eating habit which is also good for digestion.

ollie dog bowl

Why Ollie Dog Bowls are Popular in Philippines?

As a domestic business, Ollie Dog Bowls understands its country and knows what customers there really want. Due to the humid and hot weather in the Philippines, most pet owners there are willing to buy a dog bowl that is non-corrosive and rust-resisting. Unlike plastic and ceramics, Ollie Bowl is non-porous, which means there is no place for bacteria and fungi to hide. After all, choosing pet products that are well-designed to protect pets from any harm is very important to ever pet owner. The sturdy double-walled stainless steel which can prevent heat transfer is also favored by Philippine customers, because the water can stay at a low temperature for a longer time. In addition, many of its Philippine customers heap praise on the multiple color and customize choices it offers. The company offers a variety of options from customization to colors and sizes. It has smaller bowls such as 24oz and 32oz which are perfect for tiny dogs like Pomeranians and Chihuahuas as well as cats. Besides, rabbits and birds can enjoy the Ollie Bowl mini as well!

The Ollie Bowl 64oz is an ideal option for medium to large-sized dogs. With 64oz capacity, it can easily hold 8 cups of water or 8 cups of kibble. But don’t take it for granted that larger bowls will certainly be heavier, its 32-ounce bowl weighs around 400g and the 64-ounce bowl weighs just 611g.

The firm gives its customers access to special customization options to make the bowl special such as logo, name and symbol. There are at least ten colors available and its powder coating makes it possible for longer color durability.

The after-sale service is excellent too because it answers any questions and inquiries customers have.

Where is Ollie Dog Bowl Manufactured?

The answer is China. When it comes to manufacturing, China will be certainly on the list. China enjoys many advantages on the manufacturing of Ollie Dog Bowls.

The output of raw steel

China accounts for about 50% of the world steel output. It is easier to find affordable and good raw materials in China, and transportation is more affordable.

Excellent quality

Another reason why Ollie Dog Bowl chooses China as the base to manufacture its dog bowls is because of the high quality of the stainless steel products such as tableware and pet bowls. This is one of the main factors for companies when they are looking for a reliable and responsible manufacturer. If you choose an experienced and reputable stainless steel pet bowls manufacturer, the quality will be guaranteed because they are equipped with high quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology.

Reasonable price

To manufacture in China is a good decision partly because of the affordable price. The low cost gives Chinese manufacturers an edge over their international counterparts and gives Chinese products an easy access to the market.

Highly Durable

As mentioned above, Chinese manufacturers make high-quality stainless steel products with their advanced technologies and experienced engineering teams. It is this quality that gives Ollie bowls a longer service life.

Fast Shipping

Last but not least, fast transportation. Undoubtedly, China is one of the largest export markets. Almost every country in the world imports something from China. This makes the international transportation of products very easy and this can be of great importance for customer satisfaction. Ollie God Bowl can improve customer satisfaction by offering faster delivery.

Who is the Manufacturer Supplier of Ollie Dog Pet Bowl?

The manufacturer supplier of Ollie Dog Bowl in China is KingStar. Yeti is another client of KingStar. As an experienced and professional company, KingStar has rich experience in OED & ODM service. KingStar provides quality services in design, development, manufacturing and marketing for your business. As a supplier of high-quality dog bowls, KingStar produces various wholesale pet/cat/dog bowls, such as double-walled stainless steel dog bowls.

KingStar’s products are designed in strict compliance with global quality standards: RoHS, FDA, LFGB, Prop65. Each unit will go through extensive testing and quality control procedures, which will help make it easier for your products to enter the international market. KingStar has a professional and experienced quality control team. There will be quality inspection for every product to make that our customers only receive high-quality finished products.

KingStar welcomes low-cost bulk orders around the world and offers good price, technical and after-sale support for its customers, which all contribute to its popularity among its customers.

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