New Product Development From Design Idea

Competitive differentiation and unique items will help you beat your potential competitors. At Keen Sourcing, we have industry-specific experts who have produced products for some of the largest brands and retail chains in the world. Need R&D assistance in plastic injection technology, stamping, forging, PCB manufacturing, solar cells, display panels, optics or audio? Our experts & inhouse engineers will cooperate with you and our factory to help you transform your product idea into a best-selling product.

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sign nda for sourcing project

Step 1: Sign NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Before the customer discloses the design scheme or drawings to us, we both parties sign NDA. Keen Sourcing is committed to protecting intellectual property rights, which is an important reason why our customers trust us.

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Step 2: Review The Drawings / Sketch & Release DFM(Design For Manufacturing)

Our engineer team will carefully review your drawings or drafts or product ideas, and then propose changes from the perspective of manufacturing process, because some unreasonable designs will lead to high production costs, and some designs will not be realized.

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drawing review
3D Printed Prototype

Step 3: Make 3D Printed Prototype To Verify And Finalize The Design

Before fabricating tooling or mass production, we will provide 3D printing prototype to customers for confirmation. Once the 3D printed prototype is approved, we can start the tooling / mold process or officially starts the project.

Step 4: Pre-Production Sample Approval And Mass Production

We submit pre-production samples with customized color and personalized packaging to customer for approval. Once get green light, we will work with factory to start the mass production. Our QC team will monitor the whole manufacturing process, conduct in-process inspection and pre-shipment inspection to ensure the good quality.

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global delivery service

Step 5: Global Shipping

We provide global door-to-door delivery service. If you are a novice in international trade, you need not worry. Our Logistics team will work with the logistics company to deliver your goods to the designated Amazon FBA Centers, your company warehouse or your home.

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