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Comfort Travel Kit

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MOQ(pcs): 100
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 200
Carton Size (CBM): 50*35*35CM

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Product Description

1. Comfort travel kit: pillow +eye mask+pouch
2. All-In-One comfort travel kit /sleeping kit – relaxation will begin before arrive at vacation place. Having this kit, you will enjoy the trip.
3. The ultimate comfort travel kit is ideal product you need to wrap yourself in comfort release
4. The mask was well designed to block light by contouring to your nose and face.
5. Travel Pillows offer an excellent balance. The neck pillow can be inflated and deflated simply.
6. With this kit, you can sleep like a baby while traveling in car or by air or during camping
7. The neck pillow is very effective in supporting your neck. It has unbelievable comfortable design.

1. Comfortable polyester fabric,
2. Ergonomic designed pillow around neck and head falling sideways
3. Material: single jersey (80% cotton+20% polyester)
4. Pillow  size:44*28cm
5. Eye mask size:18*8cm