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Custom 3-Step Fire Escape Ladder Heavy Duty Steel

ExW Price:US $19.00 -$39.9

This price range is quoted by manufacturer. It depends on purchasing quantity product specification and packaging requirement.  For FOB/CIF price and other detail information please contact us.

MOQ(pcs): 100

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High-Quality Egress Ladder: The KS basement egress ladder is made of high-strength, durable steel, making it strong and durable enough for use. The surface of the ladder is polished, which not only ensures the beauty of the ladder, but also achieves good anti-rust and anti-corrosion effects. Color can be customized.
550 lb Load Capacity: The egress ladder is sturdy in construction and can withstand a load of 550 lbs. It suits people of different body types. Their sturdy and stable construction allows them to climb up and down easily.
Intimate Design: The KS unique design fire escape ladder adopts a hybrid structure design and can be adapted to different types of window wells. Compared with other ladders on the market, our ladders are made of thick steel plates with polished surfaces, so they have good anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.
Provides a Safe & Secure Means of Escape
Durable & Long-Lasting 
Custom Design Manufacturing: We can engineer as per your design. 3 rung / 4 rung / 5 rung / 6 rung / 7 rung are well available.
Easy to Install: Our basement egress ladders are designed to accommodate window wells that are 4 to 5 feet deep. We provide all accessories required for installation. The ladder has a hook.
MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: KS custom fire escape ladders for basements are equipped with non-slip rungs for added safety, allowing reliable and comfortable escape through basement windows in the event of an emergency. It can be hung on flat areas, in front of wells and over beds, giving you a quick and easy exit. It is a perfect escape ladder for domestic and commercial use.

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