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Outdoor Pouch

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MOQ(pcs): 200
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 150
Carton Size (CBM): 55*46*46cm

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Outdoor pouch is designed to be easliy attached to a belt or a backpack and fits confortably to your waist of trousers; Keep your hand tools free during the time you are working; It can carry mobiles, electric torch, credit cards, pens, check book, cigarettes, wallets, carabineers and other camping items; Great for outdoors, hiking, climbing, tactical sports, EDC use and etc. 

Color: Balck/ Khaki

Size: About 12 cm(Length)x 3.5 cm(Width)17 cm (Height)/4.72″x1.38″x6.69″
Made of polyester fabric

Multi pockets for many things which can be put in.
Convenient to pack small items.
Large capacity.

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