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Pull Up Assist Bands

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MOQ(pcs): 100
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1. Product Name: pull up assist bands, latex stretching band/resistance band
2. Material: natural latex
3. Color: All colors available
4. Custom logo is available.
5. Standard type is approximately 41 inch long (circumference 216cm), thickness is 3/16 inch.

Resistance band Size Thickness Resistance
41″× 1/2″ 4.5mm 2-15LBS
41″× 7/8″ 5-22LBS
41″× 1 1/4″ 12-36LBS
41″× 1 3/4″ 17-54LBS
41″× 2 1/2″ 23-68LBS
41″× 3 1/4″ 32-77LBS
The thickness range is 2-5mm,the most used thickness is 4.5mm,


Maintenance 1. Not be cleared by water at higher than 50°C.
2. Deposit avoid under the blazing sun and wet.
3. Not be soaked in liquid featured like the oil.
4. Avoid be scratched by the sharp-pointed instrument.
5. Keep stay in PP bag if not use for long time.
6. Be cleared by the wet cloth, avoid soaking for long time.

1. The pull up assist bands are built to last and durable.
2. Excellent for any fitness level
3. Very helpful for building strength and mobility improvement.
4. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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