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Professional Knee Pads

ExW Price:US $2.31 -$4.50

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MOQ(pcs): 100
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 20
Carton Size (CBM): 52cm*39cm*23cm

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1. Product name: Professional Knee Pads
2. Material: 600D Polyester fabric, EVA foam, Elastic strap, Neoprene and PVC shell
3. Color: Black, Grey, White, Red or customized
4. Weight: 230g
5. Ergonomic design and flexible neoprene straps.
6. Easy to put on and take off the pads.
7. Soft and comfortable gel core. Durable and heavy foam padding.
8. Excellent for working on garden, hardwood floors, welding, construction work, cleaning etc
9. 600D polyester mesh makes your knees comfort

1. Built for heavy use.
2. Heavy duty EVA foam padding.  Strong double straps. Comfortable gel cushion and adjustable easy-fix clips
3. Kneeling pad cushions reduce stress on your knees
4. Kneeling pad provides safety for various uses
5. Lightweight
6. Easy to adjust for a fit.
7. Innate water resistance
8. No irritation to skin

Inner: PE bag
Outer: 52cm*39cm*23cm carton box

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