B2B e-commerce market has shown tremendous growth in the last decade. While there are many major players marking their digital success worldwide, the role of China in supporting world’s digital economy is majestically inescapable. The nation has done brilliantly well in supporting the global e-commercing platform and the figures state it all.

To help you source products from China, here we have listed Top 10 China B2B e-commerce platforms those who have contributed their greatest share to bring the nation in the spotlight-

1: Alibaba.com

Undoubtedly, the market leader to start our list is Alibaba.com. Founded in 1999, Alibaba has set a distinct standard for B2B websites. Notably, in a very short span of time, the company has grown exponentially and has made it super difficult for any of its competitors to catch and defeat its growth map. A well-deserved No 1 B2B website, Alibaba has more than 8 million registered members in over 220 countries and regions around the world. Talk about the facts, the company was listed in Hong Kong in November 2007. With the net worth of $25 billion in initial stage, now it is known as China’s largest internet company. Also, it was the first market player to rise the free model, allowing its members to pay in large quantities.
Alibaba has a stronghold in its business and deems about its sellers pretty seriously. In order to enhance the promotional effect of its sellers (supplier members), the company cooperates with large and influential players of the industry, such as Global Top 1000 and China Top 500, to make their purchases through its platform. This guide and screens Chinese suppliers to actively participate in purchasing activities and build their market globally.

2: Globalsources.com

Founded in 1971, Global Sources is an experienced multi-channel B2B foreign-trade-website that operates its business through online trade shows, exhibitions, business publications and advisory reports based on the industry-sales. The company focuses mainly on electronics and gifts industries. Their core business is to promote import and export trade through a series of media, where 40% of their profits come from print/e- magazine advertising and the remaining 60% from the online trading. The wide platform of Global Sources includes many major websites related to product industry, regional export, technology, management etc.

3: Made-in-China.com

Headquartered in Nanjing, Made-in-China was established in the year 1998. Their main profit model includes- membership fees, advertising & search engine ranking costs for providing value-added services, and certification fees which they charge to provide certifications to the suppliers. According to third-party authoritative sources, Made in China website has nearly 10 million page views per day, out of which the major 84% chunk comes from international stations, which have tremendous export trade opportunities in these views. Although Made in China is not as much popular as other domestic giants like Alibaba and Global Sources, it has a certain influence on overseas buyers. To note, for the overseas promotion, Made in China participates through Google and other search engines to establish its hold.

4: HC360.com

Established in 1992, HC360 is a leading B2B e-commerce service provider which relies on its core Internet Products Sales & Marketing and Strong Traditional Marketing channels – HC360 Business Advertising and China Information Daquan-the Institute of Industry Analysis to provide the customers full-services related to online and offline platforms. As a complementary advantage, this approach perfectly develops a multi-dimensional structure that has now become an idol model to China’s B2B industry and has a revolutionary impact on the development of e-commerce.
As its core feature, HC360 relies on its networking platform and advanced search technology to create a robust base of SMEs where the integrity of demand and supply can be achieved and range of business information services can be provided.

5: www.DHgate.com

An emerging B2B platform for SMEs in China, DHgate (Dūnhuángwǎng) allows sellers to register and publish their products for completely free. As per their business model, the purchase of the goods for foreign buyers is made only after they make their payment to DHgate. The company acts as an intermediate and further connects with Chinese suppliers to ship the goods against the provided details. Once the buyer receives his consignment and declares no objection, further clearances are made for the suppliers.
DHgate greatly reduces the risk of fraud by international buyers and support the SMEs to spread globally. Besides, Dūnhuángwǎng also has its businesses related to B2C-foreign trade.

6: 1688.com

Also known as Alibaba.cn, 1688.com is the Chinese Alibaba wholesale site. A wholesale and procurement business at its core, 1688.com excels through its specialized operations, improved customer experience and comprehensive optimization of the e-commerce business model. Presently, 1688 covers 16 major industries which include raw material, industrial products, apparel & accessories, home-based departmental stores and commodity products, and provides a series of supply chain services ranging from raw material procurement, production, processing, inspection, packaging consolidation to delivery and after-sales.

7: makepolo.com

Renowned as one of the world’s largest precision procurement search engine, Marco Polo is the preferred B2B e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to perform an accurate purchase search and the perfect advertisement delivery. Notably, in the year 2016, with the cooperation of the giants like Google and Baidu, the company diversified its product lines to provide 10 million SME owners in China, including e-commerce & supply chain finance, financial loans, financial reporting, marketing, etc., and more.

8: china.cn

China.cn is a B2B e-commerce platform authorized by China’s exclusive government, which connects China suppliers and global buyers. After the company launched its online trade platform, it successfully has assisted Chinese SMEs competing in international trade, serving millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. With the high influence and authority, China.cn has been awarded and honored as the “National Team” in the B2B market of China.

9: gongchang.com

One of the most established B2B platforms in the world, World Factory Network charges no membership fee from the suppliers. Consequently, there are many advertisements on their website which make the overall user experience a little odd. Despite, as it is a mature site, information published easily routes and includes to the front.

10: ECVV.Com

The first in China, end-to-end procurement service platform ECVV.com provides the product sourcing and supply chain services to ensure the product quality and security of payment for the buyers. ECVV works somewhat similar to the Google ads, means suppliers use the ECVV Pay Per Click service and the decision to pay is based on a valid inquiry received by the supplier through the ECVV website.

In essence, above-mentioned market leaders have completely changed the face of the e-commerce market and have established some of the highest levels that are challenging to be surpassed by any of their competitors. With the hope to even fetch the perfect out of the defined perfect, we wish the best for both, the settled and the emerging digital platforms, to emboss their name more significantly in coming future.

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