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Steam Eye Mask

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MOQ(pcs): 360
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 36
Carton Size (CBM): 40*29*48cm

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1. Product name: steam eye mask
2. Certification: CE, FDA, MSDS
3. Material: Cotton, inorganic salts,  iron powder, water, activated carbon etc.
4. Net weight: 11g-12g
5. Size: 18.5cm*8cm
6. Flavor: Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Grapefruit
7. Warms up tired eyes with hot steam.
8. It heats up to around 40℃(104F). 
9. Tepidity steam lasts 30 minutes
10. Easy to carry. You may use at at bedtime, leisure time, noontime snooze, traveling on plane or train, rest time in office, etc.
eye mask 1 pcs/bag, 10bag/box
 Bag Size: 130*120mm
Box Size: 135*125*75mm
Carton Size: 40*29*48cm
1. It’s helpful for better sleeping.
2. Relieve eye.
3. Eliminate dark circles around eyes.
4. Keep eyes clear and moisture.

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