With the information technology developing faster and faster, purchase volume of server rack /server cabinet is becoming higher and higher. To make your sourcing easy, this article shows you a comprehensive guideline on how to import Server Rack /Server Cabinet from China.

1. What is a Server R​ack?

In the simplest sense, a server rack or server cabinet is a structure that is used for inserting equipment, shell, board, and computers in the fixed-telecommunication cabinet. Talk about dimensions, its 7 feet high and 19 inches wide. It is greatly in demand these days and in the IT industry, it is widely used as a specific cabinet that stores the servers. The standard unit of server rack is U, where 1U is equal to 1.75 inches and the further specifications conform like 2U, 3U, 4U & so on.

For installing a rack type server, a standard 19-inch cabinet is used, and therefore, the standard stands are also named as the “19-inch’ server racks. More precisely, a 19-inch server rack is the enclosure or the standardized frame that is used to mount multiple electronic-equipment-modules, where each module has a 19-inch wide front panel. Markedly, the 19-inch dimension also covers the edges, or the ‘ears’, that project on each side to allow the module get easily fastened to the rack frame using the screws.

The equipment designed to get placed on a rack is generally described as rack-mount chassis, rack-mountable, rack-mounted system, sub-rack, rack-mount instrument, rack mount or simply the shelf. Considerably, the height of the electronic modules is standardized to the multiple of U(less commonly RU), the rack unit that measures 1.752 inches or 44.50mm. To note, standard rack cabinet in industry measures 42U. Most common uses include server, audio, telecom and scientific lab equipment.
server rack, sever cabinet

2. Classification of Server Rack Being Manufactured in Chi​na

Server Rack in China have various categories, and we have separated them in the following form with respect to their different types and function.

Product category TypeApplication Protection Level Cooling system
Outdoor/indoor Battery Cabinets Network Cabinet IP55 Air conditioner or Heat exchanger
Fiber communication cabinet Fiber communication IP 20 AC Fan
19” Wall Mounted Racks Network Cabling IP20 No
19” Floor Standing Cabinets Network Cabling IP20 Fan
Charging Cabinets Charging mobile device IP20 Optional of Fan
Outdoor cabinet  Telecommunication equipments IP55 Air conditioner or Heat exchanger

3. Where to Find Server Rack / Server Cabinet Manufacturers in China?

Most of the products and categories in China have their manufacturing unit available in the nation and specifically have the places of their origin. Interestingly, same goes for the server racks/cabinets too. No matter if you have your purchasing office in China, or you are looking for some reliable manufacturers from the Internet, like Alibaba.com or globalsource.com, you will need to focus on where these manufacturers are located. As per our experience in this industry, Rack/Cabinet manufacturing in China is mainly produced and imported from the following 5 places-

i. Shanghai

If you are looking for super high-quality in Rack/Cabinet, Shanghai can be the best option. There are several famous brands, both international and locally famous brands of China, of Rack/Cabinet available here and most of them have their OEM manufacturers located in the area. Notably, after years of OEM and ODM manufacturing experience for the reputed brands, these manufacturers have accumulated lots of expertise in the industry. They not only possess distinct skills for production but also hold their own innovative technology to develop more high-end market Rack/Cabinets; some of which includes green data center, cold aisle etc.
server rack, sever cabinet

ii. Ningbo, Zhejiang Pro​vince (about 60% of rack exporters from China have their manufacturing units at Ningbo)

If you are an expert in Rack/Cabinet business and purchasing large quantity per batch, Ningbo will be a great pick for you. You can find Rack/Cabinet manufacturers, accessories of the cabinet such as locksets, PDU, fan, cable etc. throughout in this area.
These manufacturers have their own sheet metal, powder coating and assembly production line. They have the capability of both OEM and ODM service, so they can do the customization per appearance and structure request of the cabinets according to the needs of the customer.
Besides, there are also certain cabinet manufacturers encompassing this area who can perform system integration; which delivers you the services more than just a Rack/Cabinet.
If you are interested in visiting their production facility, Keen Sourcing can arrange you for everything, from your visit to the manufacturing factory to the arrangement of the translations.

iii. Guangdong Province, which includes Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, and Jiang​men.

Rack/Cabinet from this area are of the premium quality compared to the Ningbo area, and of course, the prices are higher too. So if you are looking for best quality server rack and can accept the higher price range, we suggest you focus on buying from Guangdong area.

iv. Xianghe city, Hebei Province- (where low-value and cheapest server rack are mainly produced)

Many low-value server Racks are produced in Xianghe, Hebei and the cities nearby. Here gathers a lot of cheapest server rack manufacturers all over from China.
If you have a plan to visit China personally, and you hold a good experience in server rack business, then you should visit Xianghe once.

4. How to Search Server Rack Suppliers from China Online

Try not to get cheated by the online Chinese manufacturers as they will assure you that they are the manufacturers who can produce both OEM and ODM cabinet of your choice. Actually, 50% of suppliers you contact through the internet are traders. As many of the Chinese server rack manufacturers are not that huge, they typically don’t hold an export license and the sales team with good skills of English communication.

Read more about Tips for Finding the Right Suppliers on B2B eCommerce Sites

Of course, there are numerous famous and professional Rack/Cabinet manufacturers in China, you can find their high-end product concept if you ever visit the China International Industry Fair.
server rack, server cabinet

5. Problems That You May Face While Importing Server Rack from China

As the Server Rack products are usually used by enterprises, social organizations,airports, governments etc., many countries have strict rules and high requirement for the import/export of Server Rack. Apart from this, Server Rack has many more problems that are further complicated than other products. Here we have listed some of the major issues that you may face while importing the Server Rack from China-

i. Problem of Compliance and Safety

The certificate is the biggest problem, and considerably, different countries have their different required standards. Here are some of the certifications required by the global industry standard for Server Rack.
UL 50, 50E Listed; Type 4, 12, 13; File No. E27567
cUL Listed per CSA C22.2 No. 94; Type 4, 12, 13; File No. E27567 UL 508A Listed; Type 4, 12, 13; File No. E61997
cUL Listed per CSA C22.2 No. 94; Type 4, 12, 13; File No. E61997
NEMA/EEMAC Type 4, 12, 13
CSA, File No. 42184: Type 4 and 12
IEC 60529, IP66

So when you make your mind to export Server Rack from China, you’d better confirm with the suppliers first if they can meet the above-mentioned standards. Markedly, not all manufacturers in the market can meet these standards. The best way to identify is by asking the manufacturers to offer the test reports or certificates which they have received before by the international test lab. Make sure, the Server Rack you are buying can meet the safety standards as it is the first priority for initiating import from China. We straightforwardly suggest you don’t waste your time communicating with suppliers who can’t offer the test report or certificate.
Manufacturers in China usually won’t do all these tests, in fact, most of them only perform some of them; but please make certain they have the test report or certificate which is a must for initiating the import to your country.

There are many test labs, both international and locally famous labs of China, who perform these tests, therefore we suggest you to please check from which testing lab the report has come from. Some manufacturers may get the tests done from local testing labs of China to save their money, but sometimes, this report may not be approved by some of the importing countries.

Testing institutions to consider as best are SGS, BV, TUV, and Intertek.

ii. Problem of Patent

Some of the manufacturers are OEM manufacturers of Server Rack for Top 3 International Rack brands who have the patent on the Server Racks, especially for the frame. So when you buy from Chinese manufacturers and need them to do the ODM service, be proactive to make sure they don’t bring the patent issues to you.

iii. Problem of Shipping from China

As we all know, Server Racks are generally accessible in big sizes, sea shipment can be the most economical way to supply them. We recommend you to buy Server racks with an assembling-type frame as they come available in flat packaging.

Interestingly, from the transportation perspective, there are two types of Server Racks available:welding rack and the assembling rack. The integrated welding type server rack takes more transportation space, which ultimately leads to the higher export transportation cost. On the other hand, assembling type rack is currently in trends these days. In export packaging, it’s not been packaged as the overall rack but as different spare parts. When the spare parts arrive at the destination, they can quickly be assembled for further installation and use. This method is convenient for adjustments and is strong with full flexibility. It not only saves the storage space of the rack at the user end but also saves the transportation space, and conclusively the money.

Where one 20” container can hold 42 sets 600mm*800mm*42U Integrated Welding Rack, it can easily hold 200 sets of assembling type server rack.

Therefore, buy assembling type Cabinets/Racks to wisely save your shipping costs.

server rack, server cabinet

server rack, server cabinet
 flat packing for sever rack /server cabinet

6. What Kind of Server Rack Can Bring You Business and Profits?

Most of our partners, including overseas customers and local companies, are not inclined in doing Server Rack’s business because there are countless different sizes of Server Rack available which makes it really difficult to plan how to sell and what to sell. The second reason is many countries, especially EU and US market, have Industry Standards request about importing Server Rack, which typically hinders the importing process.
As a matter of fact, importing Server Rack is not as complicated as you are thinking right now provided that you take care of one thing- you find right manufacturers and not the traders or dealers.

This article shows you a comprehensive guideline on how to import Server Racks from China, including how to know the Server Rack type, how to source reliable manufacturers, and what are the solutions for problems that you may face.

According to our experience, overseas importers mostly prefer importing Server Rack with:
(1) Higher ventilation rate, which is at least 83%;
(2) Loading Capacity of at least 1000 kg
(3) Advance surface treatment.
(4) Assembling type server rack.

You don’t need to worry about the sales as there are always customers available who need them. The demand is very much clear from the fact that every year server racks hold their listing in the hot-selling products. The main point lies in discovering the potential business opportunities of these products and importing them earlier than the other competitors available in the market. Your proactive approach can get you a chance to earn the first pot of gold; so by the time your competitor starts to sell his lot, you can have better option to showcase your new product category to capture the customer’s attention.

Keen Sourcing is a leading sourcing company in China. We have rich experience in server rack /server cabinet products. You are welcome to contact us once you need any service such as product sourcing service, quality control service, quality inspection and shipping management. If you want to source server rack /server cabinet from China, do not hesitate to contact us.