Dual benefits of the water bottles make them the highly useful product. It is very easy to drink water from them and you can also make them useable again through recycling. 

You can bring a new and creative product for water bottle business. By making a new-fangled and innovative creation, you can bring your business to a new height and improve the profit-making ratio in many folds. The good thing is that you will fulfill the corporate responsibility and make the environment healthier and cleaner through such profit making enterprises. 
How to start
In the starting, you can work through the online marketing and selling. You will escape from the need for huge investment to acquire land and building for the business. This will even fasten the process of your growth in the industry. 
It is significant to mention here about the general practice of some top-notch corporate houses of the same industry. They have chosen a very cost-effective method and getting the regular supply of water bottle and packaging products from China. Obviously, the low cost of the material is the biggest reasons behind it. 
The best thing is that you can even make a very smart move here. Give preference to get the water bottles to form the top notch brands who are importing them from China. You can take Yeti, Hydro Flask, and Thermos, Contigo, H2go, Takeya or Simple Modern’s innovative producer to get the regular supply. The only thing that you have to do is put the logo of your own brand on it before selling them. You will generate more profit through purchasing bottles at a low price. 
Through the step by step guidelines, you can get a more clear idea about the water bottle startups. Here we are going to explain about every step in detail for your help and better understanding about the tricks and tips of the starting this particular business. 
Step 1: Planning 
Planning is vital part of a successful business and you should do a balanced starting with it. Some key points are here for making a powerful strategy or water bottle startup.
• The objective behind the water bottle startup
• A determination about the clients for selling the product
• Location and the marketplace 
• Power strategy to introduce yourself in the market during the initial stage 
• An effective and competent financial plan to run the operations without the hassle
• Define your success for the initial years of venture 
Step 2: Market research 
In the next step, you can start the market research which the backbone of any business. You should know about the general product, services, and pricing of the competitors who are selling the same product in your area and nation. 
water bottle businessTry to put yourself in the shoe of the customer. It is significant to keep exploring about the actual need of your clients or customers. By doing this, you will delight the customer. Enter the market with the new and creative ideas. Like creating water bottles form the material which is eco-friendly like corn. There are very few corporate houses in the industry which are manufacturing such products. 
Through the planning, you can demonstrate your great skills in managing and handling the business to the stakeholders. Planning will also help your business to run in the right direction. 
Step 3: Choosing Name and registration 
Getting the attractive name for your brand is the next task that you are expected to do. You should get the license before commencing your operations. In some state it is necessary and you should check it with the state legislature. Getting the license to run the business is compulsory without any legal obligation. 
You should pay a visit to the attorney general’s office to obtain the license and a tax number. In some cases, you may need to visit the Secretary of state’s office or business bureau for this task. For the tax filing and payroll payment, you will also need to get the employer identification number. This is granted by the IRS. It is free and you can apply online as well. 
Step 4: Branding 
Branding put the business in the center of the attraction of everyone. Choose a perfect logo and other graphics for making bottle attractive. You can do this on your own or find a professional artist for it. Make sure that you are getting the full rights before releasing the final payment of the artwork. 
Step 5: Contact sourcing agent 
For the finalization of your business dealings, you will need a sourcing agent. or a sourcing compan in China who will accomplish the tasks like finding the best pricing, sampling, order placement. You will also able to ensure the best quality material and safe porting of goods. Through your colors and design, the production firm will create your final water bottle consignment. 
Keen Sourcing has rich experiences in water bottles, travel mugs, coffee cups and has close connection with those water bottle suppliers who produce products for top brands such as Yeti, Hydro Flask, and Thermos, Contigo, H2go, Takeya and Simple Modern etc.
Keen Sourcing provide complete sourcing services for Amazon FBA sellers and other online sellers.
• Private label your products
• Do Lab testing  –ensure your products comply with the regulations
• Affix FNSKU sticker on gift box and FBA label on carton box.
• Manage shipping directly to Amazon FBA warehouse at very low cost
• Provide professional product photos on your listing
• Periodically check customer reviews on Amazon and work with suppliers on quality issues accordingly.  
• And more…
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Step 6: Start selling online
You can choose the best commercial website to sell your product. Choose the user-friendly and highly trusted platform. Examples are Wal-Mart and Amazon. For the startups, Amazon has lots of lucrative plan. It might be time-consuming and need the understanding to operate accounts on the Amazon. Using the online platform of the Amazon you can enjoy some great benefits. You don’t have to do the direct marketing and selling. The Amazon will also take care of the distribution process. 
Step 7: Impressive website
Make sure your presence impressive by giving wonderful facts on an attractive website. Hire a profession to maintain and update your website regularly with the information like good deeds done by the firms, donations, ethics and social welfare. 

Make your website compatible with the shopping cart system of selling to improve the perfection of online selling. Provide excellent information about your product by uploading high-quality photos, details, and measurement etc. Keep your pricing competitive. At present, you can find professionals online to do this task without spending much.

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