It is a trend that not only big buyers, but small business buyers (such as retailers, Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, small businesses owners) are starting to directly buy from Chinese factories. The benefit of drop shipping is that you don’t have to keep inventory, you don’t have to rent warehouses, you don’t even need to have stores, you find the right suppliers to get good products at good price, advertise and sell the goods to the buyers in your country, have the Chinese supplier to drop ship the products directly to your buyers, and earn decent profit. 

One question you have to address is that what products you can dropship from China (or are suitable to be drop shipped from China), where to get the product ideas? 

What items are suitable for dropshipping? 

Generally, products that have high value and light weight are ideal for dropshipping, for small quantity dropshipping business, international shipping fee accounts for big proportion of cost. So you can’t buy 10 ordinary chairs from china, if the price for one chair is 15USD, large quantity importer can dilute the shipping cost to 2 to 4USD per unit, for drop shipping, if you ship 10 chairs by air (you can’t use sea shipping as your clients won’t wait 30 to 40 days to receive their products), the shipping fee might takes 20 to 30USD, so it will leave no profit room for you. 

Where you can get the product ideas? 

You could make a research to identify top dropshipper list in China, the list will definitely include,, and 

If you go to dhgate homepage, you can find wedding dresses, cosmetics & perfume, electronics, fashion products are popular. 

If you go to lightinthebox, popular items are similar, but you can get some new products ideas, such as faucets(sanitary products), car electronics, toys & hobbies, wigs, or even royal wedding gown and rings. 

Chinavasion specializes in electronics, you will find what electronics products are popular, what products they promote on most of their web pages, then those products must be hot. 

Similarly, you could go to auction site like and to get products ideas.