AC Digital Multimeter

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Carton Size (CBM): 53*23*29cm

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Product Description

1. Product name: AC Digital Multimeter with Current Transformer CT
2. Type: PZEM-061
3. Item dimension: 1.97 x 3.54 x 0.94 inch
4. The meter is design for measuring the active power only.
5. Large screen LCD. It displays current, voltage, power and energy at the same time.
6. The meter can store energy data when power off.
7. The meter is designed with blue backlight which can be turned on/off manually.
1. Work voltage: 80~260VAC
2. Test voltage: 80~260VAC
3. Rated power: 100A/22KW
4. Work Frequency: 45~65HZ
5. Accuracy: class 1.0
1. Power test range 0~22KW
· If power <1KW display0.0~999.9W
· If power >1KW display1000~9999W
· If power ≥10KW display10.0~22.0KW
2. Energy test range 0~9999KWh
                 ≥10KWh display10~9999KWh
3. Voltage test range 80~260V
                 Display 80~220V
4. Current test range 0-100A
                 Display 0.00~99.99A

Video of PZEM-061:

Operation manual: download