Bug Zapper

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MOQ(pcs): 200
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 1
Carton Size (CBM): 30.7*24.6*21.8cm

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Product Description

Kill flying insect pests in the garden/outdoor area. The bug zapper does not harm the environment! Insect remains fall to the ground and reabsorbed by the ecosystem.

1. UL certificate
2. Assembled unit size: 25x21.5x31cm
3. Power: 12W
4. Light source: UV lamp
5. Shell material: ABS

1. Powerful. Control area up to ½ Acre Range
2. Long-Lasting UV lamp
3. Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Use;
4. Pretty Lantern Design. Ring Hanger.
5. Easy Clean Grid.
6. Maintenance free operation features UV light
7. Removable Base(Optional)
8. Rated IP24 Water Resistant