Since Keen Sourcing established in 2006, we’ve helped many clients import vacuum insulated water bottles/mugs/flask from China. We are getting more and more inquiries about vacuum bottles. According to the investigation, around 86.9% vacuum bottles selling on Amazon are imported from China. To help buyers source good suppliers and good products, we decide to write an article accordingly.

In this article, you will learn how to import vacuum insulated water bottles from China, and how to find suppliers accordingly in China. You will get some knowledge about vacuum bottles too. You might not be going to import this item, but you will definitely be able to learn something about how to buy hot selling products from China.

How to Choose Good Quality Vacuum Bottles: Key features

  • Material:
The best choice of bottle wall material is food grade 18/8 stainless steel that will not break and should not rust. Cap material should be BPA and Phthalates free. Whatever plastic or silicone will be used, you need to require food grade.
  • Capacity / Volume:
Main capacity in the market are 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz, 21oz, 22oz, 25oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64oz. Normally higher capacity bottles have better performance on keeping cold and keep cold.

 different bottle cap

different lid for water flask
different cap/lid

  • Cap Type / Lid Type
There are many types of lids for choice such as stainless steel lid, flip lid, handle lid, chug lid, straw lid, sip lid, spout lid etc.
  • Stainless Steel Lid and a Flip Lid for hot beverages.
  • Handle Lid for easy carrying
  • Chug Lid for easy drinking
  • Straw lid for sports
  • Stainless steel lid is double-walled. Material of outside wall is made from stainless steel. Inside wall is normally made from plastic.
  • Surface Treatment
Normally there 2 kind of surface treatment:
1. Powder coating
2. Spray Painting.
Powdered coating is both stylish and tough! It provides extra protection from scratches and bumps.


  • Certificate
Vacuum insulated water bottle related certificates are FDA, Prop65/CA65, LFGB, SGS, CE / EU, CIQ etc. To sell the bottles/flasks in the U.S, you’d get FDA and Prop65.
  • Testing
All vacuum-insulated water bottle / flask need do strict testing to ensure the high quality. You must require the manufacturer conduct below testing before packaging:
  • Temperature insulation test
  • Torque test: ensure lid works well with bottle
  • Drop test
  • Leak test
  • Capacity testing
To learn more about testing criteria, please write to

What is the price?

Unit price is around USD1.80-USD6.95. It depends on different requirement on:

  • Capacity/Volume
  • Material
  • Surface treatment
  • Packaging.
  • Private label or not
  • the purchasing quantity.

 vacuum insulated water flask OEM
Print logo/Private Label?

Label/logo is an important feature of water flasks. It helps you to market the product, attract the attention of customers, allow customers to tell it apart from other brands.

Vacuum-insulated bottle/flask manufacturer are open to OEM. That means you can ask factory to add your logo on bottle body and gift box.
You can choose silk printing or laser marking for logo on bottle body. And design artwork with your logo for gift box.

Of cause, private labelling will build up the cost. The unit price will be a little higher.

To read more about private label methods and cost:

How/Where to Find Manufacturers in China

As per industry research, 92.9% vacuum-insulated bottle/flask were produced in Zhejiang in 2016 for exporting. To find reliable and good manufacturers of water flasks, normally there are 3 ways:

  • Trade fairs
The most effective way is travelling to China and attending the trade fairs. Each year, hundreds of thousands of business people travel to China and attend the conferences from all over the world hoping to source or sell needed products and looking for potential business opportunities. Canton fair and East China Fair will be top 2 fairs we recommend to you for sourcing water bottles in China.
  • Canton Fair:
Frequency: Twice each year. Spring edition and autumn edition.
City: Guangzhou city.
  • East China Fair
Frequency: Once each year.
City: Shanghai.


  • Work with a sourcing company in China
Local sourcing company know China manufacturing. Professional sourcing agents are skilled and experienced. They can locate the best water bottle factory for your product, audit the factory, negotiate prices, arrange Lab testing, inspect the products, and arrange the shipments. If anything goes wrong, they will insure that any defective product is reworked or sorted out.
Furthermore, as you may know, there are many great suppliers who are not on alibaba or other B2B platform but they have good relationship with sourcing agent. Normally they provide much better pricing than those companies which you find on alibaba.