• Top 10 mistakes committed by importers

    It is good for importers to read about best practices. Many first-time buyers have never heard of letters of credit or quality control plans. They often find it useful to follow a how-to guide. On the other hand, it is much easier (and funn […]

  • Hard truths for small buyers in China

    New importers coming to China often wear pink-colored glasses. They find nice samples and smiling salespeople on a trade show. Prices are often lower than they expected. And they reassure themselves with remarks such as if other foreign buy […]

  • Why most factories refuse to give customer references

    Ideally, a manufacturer should be capable of giving legitimate customer references. It would be a strong sign of reliability, and a great marketing tool. In my mind, they should show a list of foreign customers to their prospects and say th […]

  • Chinese suppliers and subcontracting

    Chinese factories ALWAYS sub work out to other factories. (And no, I’m not exaggerating. Always is the right word.) But they never do QC. I have not, in 7 years, ever had […]

  • Production in large batches in China: top 5 problems

    Some really large factories appeared in the US and in Europe in the early 20th Century. The prime example is the Ford Motor Company and its huge factories. Thebasic idea w […]

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