• How to Lower Supplier's MOQ Requirement

    When youre sourcing a supplier in China for the first time, youre going to learn about Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) quickly. Its common for a manufacturer to require a commitment to purchase hundreds or even thousands of units for your f […]

  • How to deal with production problems in China

    If you work with several Chinese suppliers, and if you regularly switch to new ones, you will have to deal with production problems. It might be a factory refusing to […]

  • 4 proven ways to enforce your quality standard in China

    How can importers establish a quality standard, and then enforce it? Here are 4 proven ways to handle your suppliers in China and other Asian countries. 1. Insist on getting a “perfect” sample […]

  • A Buying Guide - From the Chinese Suppliers Perspective

    Some of the main issues the suppliers face and cover some of the common questions that Ive seen in the past. Types of supplier In China as with the rest of the world, this can vary hugely. One supplier might be a factory with thousands of s […]

  • 10 Ways to Filter Potential Scammers

    I have seen so many scams on the web that for me it usually takes just few seconds to spot the signs of a scam operation. However, there are some pointers which could help you to determine whether the supplier is legit or not. Here goes my […]

  • Dropshipping from China: What Products to Buy

    It is a trend that not only big buyers, but small business buyers (such as retailers, Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, small businesses owners) are starting to directly buy for Chinese factories. The benefit of drop shipping is that you dont h […]

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