• Looking for China Sourcing Agent?

    Undoubtedly, 21st-century is the digital era where almost everything is possible just with the single click of the mouse. The latest technology-driven trend- e-commerce has witnessed a tremendous rise in the last decade and has connected nu […]

  • Shipping from China to Amazon FBA? 2 Options

    How to ship from China to Amazon FBA warehouse? Amazon FBA sellers always have to make a choice: Direct shipment or ship to you first then to Amazon FBA warehouse. You dont have to worry anymore because here youll get all the informatio […]

  • Why You Need a Sourcing Agent

    For any organization who desires to have a worldwide reach and advance without causing excessively financial stress, a sourcing agent is an essential part of the business operations. China being a very large source of outstanding products a […]

  • Top 10 Trade Fairs in China

    Chinese trade fairs are becoming more and more important as the size of the economy increases and the manufacturing technology level continuously improves. Made-in-China products become increasly attractive because of better quality and good […]

  • Pre-shipment Quality Inspections Are Always Necessary

    The question is generally asked by exporters and importers. And, why wouldnt they? Its always an important part of verifying products in conformity with the approved specifications. Quality control isnt a formality carried out at the suppli […]

  • China Product Sourcing: Why Finding Factories Isn’t Simple

    Its not simple, or is it? It would have been glorious to ask about finding a factory in China , but we stop ourselves from posting a question that hasnt been gratifying to the best of its terms. The perception of dealing with dubious entiti […]

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