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Inspection for Direct Shipment to Amazon FBA Warehouse

Outer Box FBA Label checking

When the goods enter the Amazon FBA warehouse, Amazon’s system needs to scan the FBA label on the outer box and read the barcode and QR code on the label. If the label is incorrect or repeated, it cannot be put into the warehouse. Each outer box FBA label is different and is unique. Buyers need to apply for FBA labels to the Amazon system based on the actual number of boxes shipped before shipment. The Amazon system sends out the corresponding number of label printing documents according to the application. What the factory needs to do is to print out the received FBA label and stick it on the outer box (one sticker on each outer box). The side of the outer box with the FBA label should be placed outwards to facilitate QC inspection.
The picture below is a standard outer box FBA label. Both barcodes and QR codes must be scannable. Barcode labels are usually 19 digits. The first 12 digits are “Shipment ID”. Goods in the same batch have the same “Shipment ID”.
The last 7 digits of the barcode are the “outer box serial number”. The serial number of each outer box is different.
The 10 in the lower right corner is “MSKU#”, and the corresponding “MSKU#” for each SKU is different. Therefore, if there are 2 or more SKUs in the same batch, the FBA label of the outer box is prone to errors.

Amazon FBA label

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